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Binary Options Trading - Privacy

Registration Requirements And Site Operations
There are several requirements when one wishes to register on our trading site. In this case all the information asked for will be guarded properly in an effort to prevent Money Laundering. Impersonations have been common in this kind of business and for this reason we place emphasis on the provision of accurate information. In case one wishes to change this information after subscription then he needs to make the necessary notifications to us to avoid any complications.

Registration on our website is open both for individuals and corporations but persons who register corporations are responsible for any transactions which take place between their corporations and their customers. After registration, personal information is not given to third party companies unless consent has been granted by clients.

Our company allows people to carry out transactions freely but it in some cases they may be required to provide documents which prove their identification, if this is not done then the company reserves the right to take actions such as freezing one’s account or closing it. All the information provided by customers is taken through scrutiny and is stored just in case a dispute may arise.

Usernames And Passwords
When clients register on our site they are advised to choose their user names and passwords carefully. Once the password and the username have been chosen it is wise for one not to share this information with anyone else because of security reasons. We advise our clients to hold this information in their minds rather than have it written down. If a client’s account is operated by someone else then our company will not be held responsible for any inconvenience which may take place. In case one suspects a problem with his account it is important that the matter is reported with immediate effect.

Cookies Policy
Cookies are used extensively in our online trading website and they have made it easier for different operations to be carried out both by the customers and our company. In some cases customers may have the option to decline cookies but on our website the cookies come along with any downloaded page automatically. This should not cause any alarm because the information which is collected about the client is never shared with third party companies. Cookies make the website more appealing to the clients and through them our company has been able to collect vital information about different preferences which people may have for the sake of meaningful advertising.

TradeRush - 175% Returns